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Meet Pia - Our Communications Officer

How long have you been a TL member? 

Since April 2016.

Why did you join? 

Because my babysitter told me, rather frankly, that my (then) seven-month old daughter's toys were "boring"!  And I realised she was right. At that stage, all the toys we had at home were for young babies - soft and cuddly but not very stimulating. I had walked past the toy library, but didn't know what it was. The minute I walked inside, I was simply amazed by all the toys. 

What do you like about the Toy Library?

First of all, obviously the toys. My daughter is now nearly 4 and I have a son who is one - so we’ve enjoyed a wide range of the collection, from baby and toddler toys to costumes, musical instruments, board games and outdoor equipment. It’s been wonderful seeing so many new toys being purchased over the past few years. I also love the sense of community and getting to know other families in the area. Volunteering and being on the committee have been a great way to meet other parents.

What is your committee role and what does it involve? 

I have a media background so I’m in the role of the communications officer, looking for ways to promote the toy library and grow our membership. I also help out where I can in other areas. 

Do you have a favourite toy/type of toy? 

So hard to choose! I’m partial to Duplo, but the ice cream counter was also a massive hit in our house. My kids love noisy ambulances and fire trucks as well (great for imaginative play - “Quick, there’s an emergency!”).

Any tips for new members? 

Sign up early for your volunteer hours - checking returned toys back in is a great way to see what's popular and nab it for yourself before it goes back on the shelf! And you'll get a better sense of what's in the collection - there's so much on the shelves, and we're always adding more. 

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