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Council Meeting Update

Three members of the CCTL management committee met with Glen Eira mayor Jamie Hyams, CEO Rebecca McKenzie, Samantha Krull and Andrew Barden last Friday 31 May.

We are grateful for the meeting and the valuable discussion which occurred, but remain

unconvinced that Council could find or build another home for the toy library that so perfectly matches our needs:

  • Situated in or close to park and playground/ children’s recreation and leisure space

  • Space for over 2000 toys including large outdoor toys and party packs

  • Free ample parking directly out front and driveway access for loading/unloading party packs.

  • On a quiet street with low vehicular traffic, but strong foot traffic and access to public transport

  • Grassed and fenced outdoor area for play equipment

  • The attached outline prepared for our 31 May meeting gives greater detail on these and other requirements.

Subject to Council naming an alternative location that can meet these needs, we believe that

the best place for the toy library remains its current position on Munro Ave, Carnegie.

Furthermore, we do not believe our building’s small footprint on the sideline of the park (610

m 2 or 0.6 per cent of the Koornang Park/Lord Reserve space) is a significant intrusion on the

amount of open space available, nor on the “vision” for the park particularly as it is directly

adjacent to the Carnegie swimming pool complex which similarly interrupts a “clear line of

sight” and divides the two parks. Similarly to the pool, we believe the toy library provides a

strong community benefit that outweighs the loss of open space.

Furthermore, the significant cost already expended by Council to renovate our building

($190,000 in 2013-14) and further costs of demolition/relocation of the toy library

(approximately $250,000 not including any new building works) does not stack up as a

sensible use of Council funds when there is so much community benefit to be gained from

this building.

We look forward to addressing this further on this at Council’s next meeting on 11th June and hope Council will amend the plan to leave the toy library’s building as it stands on Munro Ave.

Have your say and tell the council that you support the toy library and believe that the best place for the toy library remains its current position on Munro Ave, Carnegie..

This consultation period ends on June 12 - so make your voice heard now!

Here's the update from our meeting with City of Glen Eira.


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