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Meet Carol, our volunteer!

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Happy National Volunteer Week - 17-23 May 2021

This year, Carol decided to start volunteering on Wednesday nights with us at the Carnegie Toy Library. Carol is a kindergarten teacher, and now that she isn't working full-time, she generously gives us two hours of her time once a week to help the Toy Library operate.

Carol is no stranger to the Toy Library. She herself was a member when her three children (now aged 31 and 28) were young. Apart from the name change in 2019 from Caulfield Community Toy Library, and an upgrade in location, she says the essence of the toy library remains the same: a wonderful and supportive community. She has always lived in the area, and as a teacher who loves supporting children and families, brings a career-long wealth of experience and knowledge in play and early childhood education.

Carol is more than happy to help members select age-appropriate toys from our catalogue of almost 2,500 toys, so please come and approach her for assistance on Wednesday evenings.

The Carnegie Toy Library runs on volunteers. If you or someone you know are interested in helping out, send us an email to


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