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Meet Gemma - Our Grants Officer

How long have you been a TL member?

Since early 2019.

Why did you join?

I love toys! Even before becoming a mum I have always loved toys and to play. I work as speech pathologist, so play is part of my occupation.

We joined the toy library as we live in a small place and wanted access to larger toys, in particular for outdoors, that we just don’t have space to own.

What do you like about the Toy Library?

I love everything about the toy library. It has a wonderful sense of community and an emphasis on play and children. It is fun to see the range of toys and select things based on my son’s ever- changing skills and interests. My son loves to try new things and it is great to see him learn and explore with toy library toys.

I have really enjoyed meeting new people and being involved in the committee.

What is your committee role and what does it involve?

As the Grants Officer I apply for a variety of grants to provide funding for a variety of initiatives such as toy purchases, events and operational costs.

Do you have a favourite toy/type of toy?

As a speech pathologist, I love any game and toy that I can use to help a child with their communication. Orchard games are particularly good for this – I love the shopping list game.

As a mum of a busy toddler, I am enjoying active toys – the bikes, trikes and ride ons!

Any tips for new members?

Get involved- come down for duty and meet some other members. Learn how the toy library works. It’s a great way to meet new friends and be part of something special.  


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