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Meet Lucy - Our Treasurer

How long have you been a TL member?

We joined when our little one was 6 months old, in April 2019.

Why did you join? A wonderful volunteer from the toy library visited our mothers group and shared the benefits of being a member. Given we live in a small space, I knew having access to a rotation of stimulating goodies without the need for storing any away was going to be an amazing benefit as our bub started to become mobile. Now he loves to borrow anything that will let him move, or make noise! What do you like about the Toy Library? The benefit of having a great rotation of toys is a huge benefit. We can also trial things, we think he may like to have for the long term without investing in it and it being left alone (specifically, items he can ride like scooters, tricycles etc). What is your committee role and what does it involve? I am the treasurer at the Carnegie Toy Library, which involves reconciling all the financial transactions, organising any payments/refunds, reporting to the committee on all financial movements, applying government financial assistance when available (specifically through these difficult covid times), and adhering to all of our legislative reporting requirements. In addition I take an active role in our committee meetings in assisting with the function of the library. Do you have a favourite toy/type of toy? I am fond of the musical section, as when my son gets out the instruments and starts to boogie while the family joins in as the musical backup band, it makes everybody so very happy. Any tips for new members?

Come in and visit us at the Toy Library, it's always a very friendly place to be, where you will be greeted by other members volunteering their time to ensure that families have access to lots of different toys for their kids. When it's again possible, it's always nice to bring in your little ones and have them select their next loan, but in the meantime there is plenty to mix and match from. 


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