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Grants Officer

The grants officer plays a vital role in seeking out and securing funding opportunities to support our toy library's activities. This role involves researching potential grant sources, preparing grant proposals, and managing the grant application process. Time commitment of approximately 3 hours per grant application (approx 3 per year).  


If you have the time and skills to contribute please let us know via email on



  1. Grant Research: Identify potential grant opportunities from various sources such as government agencies, private foundations, corporations, and community organisations.

  2. Proposal Writing: Prepare well-written grant proposals, including project descriptions, budgets, and supporting documents required for grant applications.

  3. Budgeting: Develop detailed budgets outlining how grant funds will be used and ensuring alignment with the objectives of the toy library.

  4. Collaboration: Work closely with the toy library team to gather necessary information and data for grant applications.

  5. Grant Management: Monitor and track grants, ensuring compliance with grant requirements and reporting deadlines.

  6. Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of grants received, track outcomes, and provide reports to funders as required.


Desirable Skills

We would love the Grants Officer to have the following skills:

  • Research skills to identify potential funding sources

  • Excellent writing skills to create compelling grant proposals

  • Attention to detail for accurate documentation 

  • Ability to collaborate effectively with various stakeholders

  • Knowledge of grant application processes and requirements

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