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Good-quality toys help stimulate a child’s development and fire up the imagination – and they are fun! 


Joining Carnegie Toy Library gives your child access to more than 2,500 toys across a wide range of categories. You can change toys as often as you like, keeping your children stimulated and entertained while saving money and reducing clutter at home. Borrowing toys through a toy library is also a fantastic way to teach children about sustainability and sharing.

Children learn through play. The variety of toys available through a toy library helps kids develop fine motor skills and think creatively. When you join Carnegie Toy Library, you are also joining our community of families in and around Carnegie. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Choose Your Annual Membership



Annual membership

3 Toys + 1 puzzle or game

Swap your items as often as you like

Plus $50 duty bond



Annual membership

6 Toys + 2 puzzles or games

Swap your items as often as you like

Plus $50 duty bond



Annual membership

9 Toys + 3 puzzles or games

Swap your items as often as you like

Plus $50 duty bond

For families holding a Healthcare card, a discount of $25 is provided. 

Please note, in order to provide the discount we need to see your Healthcare card and photo id in person.

What is the duty bond?


Our open sessions can only run with the support of duty volunteers. Members are required to do 5 hours of duty a year. Once your duty is completed your $50 duty bond will be refunded.

Why doing your duty is so awesome

  • You get to borrow a bonus toy

  • You are helping run our open sessions

  • You get first pick of the toys being returned

  • You get a better feel for what we have in the toy library

  • You can ask other parents what they liked about the toys they borrowed

Membership Offers

Refer a Friend
Get 1 month free

Refer your friends to join and both of you will receive an additional month free!  


The more friends you refer, the more free months are added to your membership!

Simply get your friends to mention your name when they join.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 1.55.54 pm.png
Receive 6 months free

Join before your first child is 6 months old and you will receive an additional 6 months free added to your membership.

Please let our co-ordinator know when you join.

What is a toy library?

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