Our first collection session will be starting on Saturday, August 28 – but remember, you MUST have an appointment and have reserved your toys at least a week in advance.

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New Active
Soft Play Equipment!

Great for developing motor skills, balance and coordination. the different shapes offer a variety of challenges and endless hours of fun.

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Pia wins Committee Volunteer of the year!

Pia has been on our committee for 6 years and has devoted herself to spreading the importance of toy libraries amongst the community.

Sessions are starting from
Saturday 28th Aug

You MUST have an appointment & have reserved your toys at least 1 week in advance.

Help your Children Learn Through Play

Save Money

By borrowing new toys each week, rather than buying toys.

Remove Clutter

Of unused toys around the home whilst continuing to have access to a wide range of experiences for your children.

Increase Stimulation

By offering greater learning experiences through exposure to a variety of toys.

Over 2,500 educational & fun toys

What our members say

Toy Library Review

My girlfriend told me about the toy library and it sounded too good to be true... It was the best thing I did when I joined - keeps my little boy so entertained every week. I love the way it is all organised it makes choosing new toys or puzzles a 10 minute process.  I just wish we had discovered the toy library sooner!

- Kate

Finding the toy library with its HUGE array of amazing toys has been such a highlight of the first year with my daughter. Why buy when you can borrow from such a range of fun toys which also help development? Musical toys, walkers, dolls, trains, puzzles - it's all there and we love mixing things up every few weeks, taking home new toys to play with.

- Pia