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The President helps to manage the running of the toy library. They facilitate discussions that take place during committee meetings and provide direction without being biased or dictatorial. 


If you have the time and skills to contribute please let us know via email at


Role of the President

  • To be responsible for the management of the toy library, and be aware of library activities

  • Provide leadership to the committee

  • To be knowledgeable about the duties of all committee positions

  • To understand the relationship between the toy library, its members, the council and the community

  • See that the decision making is fair and is done efficiently by including all committee members in the discussion

  • Manage meetings and help bring the meeting to decisions, to manage and chair the AGM


Desirable Skills

It is necessary for the President to have the following skills:

  • Leadership and organisational skills 

  • An understanding of the rules/constitution

  • Collaboration and communication skills

  • Friendly and approachable

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