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Duty Roster Co-ordinator


The Duty Roster Coordinator is important in the day-to-day running of the toy library because they help ensure the duty roster is full with members to facilitate borrowing at the toy library during opening sessions. Attending monthly committee meetings is not required. 


Fortnightly Tasks​

  • Review the duty roster for gaps in open sessions

Monthly Tasks​


As required Tasks​

  • Update the Members doc with members who are available for last minute emergency roster duty & additional skills

  • Email members when there are large gaps in the roster

  • Raise any issues for discussion to the Committee


If you have the time and skills to contribute please let us know via email on

Desirable Skills

We would love the Duty Roster Coordinator to have the following skills/knowledge:

  • Great written communication skills

  • Good listener and a team player

  • Friendly and social attitude

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