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Toy Repair Co-ordinator

We are currently seeking someone to help mend our broken toys. We're looking for someone handy who enjoys tinkering with toys and has a bit of time to spare.  Attending monthly committee meetings is not required. 

If you have the time and skills to contribute please let us know via email on



·       Check with library for toys that require repairs

·       Inspect the toys and repair those that still have good play value and are safe

·       Identify toys that are no longer safe and discard them accordingly

·       Minor maintenance jobs (e.g. change shelving, noticeboards)

·       Source replacement parts if required

Desirable Skills

We would love the Toy Repair Coordinator to have the following skills/knowledge:

  • Locations where replacement parts can be found

  • Ability to use repair equipment

  • Knowledge of how toys are made/constructed

  • Ability to ‘think outside the box’

  • Handy with tools and toys

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