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Meet Bob - Our Toy Repair Coordinator

How long have you been a Toy Library member? I am well into my twelfth year now, I had just retired and was looking for a hobby. I enjoy the toy repairs as every repair is different and it requires imagination and persistence. What does your role involve? Toy repairs, assembly and general Toy Library maintenance. My work experience in manufacturing/engineering is a big help in keeping the toys in good repair. Some advice to those who find broken Toy Library toys - if you are not sure how to repair the toy; please keep the parts and return them to the toy library for us to fix (sometimes a bad repair makes it difficult for us to make an acceptable repair)

Do you have a favourite toy/type of toy? I particularly like the Thomas train sets and the balance bikes. Outside of the Toy Library, my sporting interest is playing veteran Ice Hockey and I have been playing for over 60 years!

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