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Kid’s party? No problem!

So you’ve decided to host a kid’s birthday party. As Sir Humphrey Appleby would say, a courageous decision. The invitations have gone out, plans for a cake are underway and now you’re left with the question of how to entertain a bunch of little rascals who will most likely be revved up on cordial and fairy bread. You want to keep them happy without breaking the bank. You want to keep them happy without having your house destroyed.

Mama and papas, may I introduce…the toy library party pack. You might have passed your local toy library. You may even be a member. But did you know toy libraries offer packages of party-minded toys and games, just perfect for keeping youngsters active and amused for hours? Swing sets, rockers, Cozy Coupe cars. Tunnels, parachutes, climbing frames. In short, everything you need to build a playground in your yard.

Our party packs include larger games and toys which encourage kids to have fun together and enjoy active play, especially mini roller coasters - a perennial favourite which the kids will be talking about for weeks. Create some old-fashioned fun with a games set – remember having egg and spoon or sack races? Even the adults will want to have a crack at Giant Jenga, hula hoops and bocce.

You could add on additional outdoor games like croquet or mini golf, or cater for younger bubs with a small ball pit.

Party packs offer an easy and affordable option to help make kids’ parties less stressful (you’re going to have enough on your hands without worrying about the entertainment). For families in smaller homes, games and ride-ons are a great option. Having a themed party? How about a dinosaur treasure hunt, or borrow some jungle animals to keep your little monkeys playing. Why not borrow some musical instruments and let the kids form their own band?

We can even help out when it's time to sit down and cut the cake, offering child-sized tables and chairs for hire. And if you’re going to a child’s party, why not consider a toy library gift certificate as a thoughtful present that will keep giving long after the party is over?

We offer children access to hundreds of toys, carefully chosen by our staff and volunteers to fire the imagination and encourage development of important skills like fine motor, literacy and numeracy. Borrowing toys means kids are less likely to get bored (it’s like their birthday comes every few weeks!) and is a great way to teach them about sharing, recycling and looking after things.

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