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Introducing....Carnegie Toy Library!

If we had a dollar for everytime someone asked us why we were called Caulfield Toy Library when we were based in Carnegie we would never have to do any fundraising!!

So with that in mind it was out with the old and in with the new thanks to students Alex Rothmeier & Zach Beltsos-Russo together with Warren Taylor the Program Coordinator of Communication Design at Monash University. The team have been working on our new branding and identity along with our president Leonie - also an ex design student from Monash University. We absolutely love what they have created from both a conceptual and visual perspective and can't wait to roll it out across all our collateral.

Design students Alex & Zach from Monash University visiting the Toy Library and receiving the logo brief from our President Leonie

The students thought that the interlocking parts - inspired by Meccano & construction toys - really connect with the community ethos of the Toy Library organisation. The students felt like the Library is made up of all these greats parts and this was the basis for the logo.


Visual references


Volunteer name tags

Decorative illustration made up of construction pieces

The name change came about by many members asking why we were called the Caulfield Community toy library when we were based in Carnegie - good question! Over the years the toy library used to fall under the Caulfield zone, however with the new zoning the toy library was allocated to the Carnegie zone and has been for a number of years, so it made sense to change the name and get with the times!

Colour palette for new logo and branding execution

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