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Open Day Extravaganza!

Our 2019 Open Day was a spectacular event of sensory and active play for all that came! Our dedicated committee worked for weeks in the lead up to the day making the sensory activities - such as cooking playdoh and dyeing kilo's of rice, pasta and spaghetti.

There was plenty of activity with the roller coasters and our outdoor toys on display, as well as sensory play with a coloured rice pit, cloud dough station, pasta beading table, poppy making table and a coloured spaghetti car pit. A big thank you to our wonderful committee members who made it all possible and Spotlight Carnegie for donating the beautiful balloons for the special day.

It was great to see our existing members enjoying the entertainment and a big welcome to our 11 new family members. See you all at the toy library soon!

Cloud Dough Station

Cloud Dough has a silky smooth texture, it can be powdery or firm when pressed or moulded. It is perfect for moulding, shaping, squeezing, pressing and sculpting into different shapes. Cloud dough provides a great hands-on sensory learning experience for children.

Musical Entertainment

Our adorable committee member Claire playing great tunes for Freddy & federal member for Higgins Katie Allen

Pasta Threading Station

Pasta Threading is a simple activity for toddlers which benefits them by building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, concentration and sense of achievement.

The Roller Coasters were a big hit as kids rolled their way down the driveway.

Our new teeter totter whale was rocking all day!

Coloured Rice Pit

For toddlers and preschoolers, along with stimulating the tactile sense (touch), sensory rice also helps them work on fine motor control. The uncooked rice is very small. They can scoop it up in their hands, but they can also work on picking up individual grains of rice. They can also use cups, bowls, and spoons to scoop and stir the rice, which encourages their hand eye coordination.

Play Dough Station

Our president Leonie and David Southwick Caulfield MP enjoyed some playdough fun!

Ball pit anyone? Endless hours of fun in our ball pit - complete with a mini slide!

The playdough table complete with all different types of wooden rollers and shapes

Coloured Spaghetti Car Pit

Playing with rainbow spaghetti is a great sensory experience for toddlers and preschoolers. They love exploring the colour and slimy texture of the coloured spaghetti as it slips through their fingers.

Our President Leonie with federal member for Higgins Katie Allen, councillor Margaret Esakoff & Jamie Hyams (Mayor)

Our little member Zaccy enjoying the cloud dough!

This gorgeous little member is making her mum a pasta bracelet

Gemma our committee member selling raffle tickets - don't forget to buy yours before xmas! There's lots of great prizes to be won

Kicking back at the end of the Open Day!

Sprung! Our member little Freddy enjoying the coloured rice for morning tea!!

Our new branding and name banner on display


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