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Wooden Active Toys

Wooden toys are enjoying a major resurgence as parents wistfully recall their own childhoods when choosing toys for their children, and as consumers in general return to traditional toys to balance out the ever-sophisticated toys and gadgets of the digital age. Wooden toys can also present a direct connection to the natural world for children.

Take a look at the new wooden active toys we have in our collection.

Climbing Frame

Toddlers are always on the move and as a result they try to climb on any furniture around the house. The Climbing frame is one solution to this since it enables toddlers to burn some energy in a safe environment. Climbing up and down the equipment not only helps toddlers with dexterity but also to develop fine motor skills. This climbing toy helps to promote safety, hand-eye coordination, strength and much more.

Climbing Cube

There are many ways to play with the Climbing Cube. Kids can play with balls and try to pass through the holes. They can also move in and around, climb up and down the wooden rungs, or crawl through the Cube. This eventually helps them to practise hand, eye and foot coordination, which are very crucial skills for kids to develop as they grow.


Watch your child’s imagination take over as the Kinderboard becomes a seesaw, balancing toy, slide, stepping stool, boat, resting nook and so much more! Originally introduced in Waldorf Early Childhood classrooms, the multi-use Kinderboard supports children’s mental and physical development while also serving as a versatile and sustainable option for explorative free play.

Rocking Boat

Call it what you want. A boat. A rocker. Steps. A stage. This is the perfect toy. This Rocking Boat is a multi-functional toy that will bring out the best in your little ones, mastering new skills of climbing up and down stairs and creating a fun environment for movement and imagination. It encourages children to climb and discover through their own experience developing gross motor skills, strength and confidence.

Learning Tower

Let your toddler join in the fun with a wooden step stool learning tower. You can use it for baking in the kitchen, role play or keeping messy activities up high.


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