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STEM Toys - Fuelling Kids' Dreams

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths, disciplines which have been identified globally as crucial to the future of our rapidly changing world.

STEM education is vital. Jobs in STEM areas are growing faster than in any other, however student achievement in STEM subjects is lagging. The Department of Education acknowledges that STEM education needs to start when children are very young, years before I see them in the classroom. We are uniquely placed to allow families from diverse backgrounds to bring quality STEM toys into the home and launch our children’s futures.

A good STEM toy engages both sides of the brain. The left hemisphere, responsible for logic and reasoning, is activated when a toy gets kids thinking. The right side of the brain, which deals with emotions, is ignited when the play experience is fun and exciting. Children learn best when both sides of their brain are stimulated.


Take a look at some our amazing STEM toys arriving in the Toy Library this winter. Guaranteed to engage both sides of the brain!


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