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Pia wins Committee Volunteer of the year

Pia is a Winner Winner!

Our fabulous committee member Pia Akerman wins Committee Volunteer of the year at the 2021 Australia Toy Library Awards! 🏆 Pia has been on our committee for 6 years and has devoted herself to spreading the importance of toy libraries amongst the community. She has been a media mastermind, spending endless hours writing articles promoting the value of toy libraries which have been published in magazines & newspapers. She held a media seminar for TLA instructing how toy libraries can create and drive media awareness. She successfully led the campaign to save the Carnegie toy library from the wrecking ball in 2019, involving petitions, press releases and meetings with the council to articulate the valuable community service of the Toy Library - and won.

She was also played an integral part in enabling toy libraries to operate under a click & collect model during Covid-19 lockdown periods. We all adore you so much Pia and appreciate all the hard work you have put into building and making our toy library and community so great. We would be lost without you! 😘


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