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Welcoming our new President Helen

🎉 Drumroll please!

Carnegie Toy Library welcomes our new President Helen! Helen's extensive background and experience make her a valuable addition to the toy library. With a history of working on a variety committees, running her own toy store and raising four children (yes, 4!), she brings a deep understanding of the importance of play in a child's development. As the newly elected president, Helen will be leading the toy library with a focus on managing the committee, operations and enhancing the collection. Helen's commitment to fostering an environment of exploration, creativity, and learning ensures that the toy library will continue to be an invaluable resource for families across the community. We warmly welcome Helen as she steers the toy library into a new era! 🚀

Thank you Leonie

An ENORMOUS thank you and much love goes to our long-standing President of seven years, Leonie. Leonie has completely transformed our toy library during her Presidency. She has been inspirational – revitalising the toy collection, increasing memberships to a record high, and refreshing the toy library itself through a rebrand and substantial layout improvements. She’s given us so much, and we are forever grateful - the toy library is so strong today because of her hard work behind the scenes.


Meet our new committee members

Meet our new committee members who work behind the scenes to help ensure we can continue to provide our wonderful community service.

Helen - President

Eloise - Secretary

Katie - Purchasing Officer

Ju Lee - Treasurer

Patricia - Party Pack & Duty Roster Coordinator

Steph - Co-ordinator

Revanthi - General Committee

Tessa - General Committee


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